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Illuminating Cascades, Pure expression of Beby Italy’s style

Date: 27/11/2018

Waterfalls of light: Spectacular and contemporary installations, in organic forms with hypnotic reflections, furnishing areas in an exclusive and refined way. These Compositions are a result of meticulous research of shapes and colors, enhanced through an elegant and refined design, pure expression of the Beby Italy style around the world.

Cascades of light

Light installations in which large amounts of pendants descend from the ceiling. Light can start to spread from the top canopy, or transmitted individually by each pendant. The shapes, colors and materials used are precious and varied: we find, for example, Murano glass, Swarovski crystal or Italian hand polished crystal. Cascades of light can be adapted horizontally or vertically, depending on the needs and characteristics of the spaces that will have to enrich.

The horizontal cascades follow the course of the ceiling: their development is mainly carried out in length. These are developed to enhance large environments, with standard celing heights.

The vertical cascades are mostly developed for height, decorating stairwells or entrance halls of buildings with very high ceilings in an elegant way.

Custom made

The Beby Italy style office, led by interior designer Silvia Broggian, have designed modular pendants that can be refashioned at will, creating customized installations. The use of the latest generation 3D rendering allows the study of creations from every point of view and angle even before it is constructed. This allows us to share with the customer and develop the most suitable solutions to meet any need with speed and precision.

As shown in the picture above, all cascades are constructed and assembled inside the Beby Italy laboratories. This cascade will have a final diameter of 2.8 meters and a height of 28 meters.

The Empire creation embellishes the grandiose lobby of the APPU Hotel in Coimbatore, Luxury Business Hotel in India.

New York New York

It is a cascade of light with a strong metropolitan concept containing a golden “perlage”. Made using Murano glass cylinders with gold leaf for the perlage effect, illuminated by LED, a majestic waterfall whose grandeur can be estimated from the descriptive details below:

120 cm diameter, height 500 cm, 30 LED 8.4 watts each + 75 LED 5 watt each, 150 rounded pendants in Murano glass, with gold leaf, Crystal octagons

Some of Beby Italy’s Cascades

We have chosen enchanting names for our creations, which lead you into magical scenarios, where myths, legends, feelings and passions intertwine as in a novel: Lir, Hyride, J ‘adore, Love, Bohème …

Lir: Droplets of creativity and charm. Drop-shaped pendants in Murano Glas colors amber, transparent and blue.

Love: A dancing cascade between transparencies and colored tassels. Golden teak Murano glass diffusers, blown and worked in the Torchon method.

Privé: Modern and innovative. Bicolor golden teak and transparent Murano Glass discs.

J’adore: A sumptuous cascade of crystals and gold dust. Pendants in Italian hand ground crystal and cylinders with gold leaf.

Touch the heaven: our new collection of cascades

Our new collection, made by using transparent Murano glass pendants with LED lighting technology.

Welcome to our new collection Touch the Heaven

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