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An inebriating experience of Luxury Light&Living
Beby Italy Lifestyle is a Choice

Collection “New York – New York”, design by Silvia Broggian: A great success from the very beginning. It is the maximum expression of Luxury Contemporary design of refined and sophisticated tastes. With its stylish lines, it recreates the surrounding space imbuing it with artistic innovation and extreme elegance.

A warm and enveloping light that recalls Fancy atmospheres of inebriating pleasure like a glass of sparkling Champagne.

The cascade is composed of single cylinders in transparent Murano glass with a rich Gold leaf that gives an extremely suggestive and elegant luminosity to every room through the technical LED light placed inside, with an advanced double-switch system.


A multitude of golden cylinders compose the lighting Cascades of the ‘New York – New York’ collection. They are all modular compositions, completely customizable according to the different needs. This leads so to a wide range of available articles: rectangular, square or round shapes as well as multi-level cascades… These are only few of the possible combinations.

Beby Italy
Beby Italy
Beby Italy
Beby Italy
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