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Beby Italy Lifestyle is a Choice

The Maison Beby Italy is pleased to present the preview of the new “LUXURY HOME COLLECTION” 2020, after a long journey of stylistic research, love, passion, innovative and elegant creations of the Designer Silvia Broggian.

It is the expression of New color trends, precious materials and hightech lighting and furnishing together with a meticulous attention to details: these are the distinctive elements of a contemporary and refined Living

A harmonious sequence of collections with different sources of inspiration such as : the uncontaminated nature, the timeless stylistic cornerstones as well as the most rare and precious materials. A particular focus goes to the contemporary reinterpretation of the Louis XVI style, which is visible in various prestigious projects of international private residences.

Each Beby Italy product is the result of a scrupulous stylistic research following the different tastes of each customer: everything is completely customizable, in materials, lines and dimension. An infinite range of fine glamour products made using the highest handcrafted quality merging the great value of Tradition together with the know-how of modern technologies.

Beby Italy
Beby Italy
Beby Italy
Beby Italy
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