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Elegant and unique style for a new space concept

Arabian Horse, chandelier, suspension lamp or lighting cascade in Swarovski® crystal and metal

Lighting chandelier, suspension lamp or lighting cascade with a unique design taking inspiration from the innate elegance of the Arabian horse from which it takes its name. Modern style and flawless manufacture, perfectly suitable to exclusive locations with full personality. The structure is made of bent metal, finely worked with laser cutting, and embellished with ultra-bright Swarovski® crystals, for a suggestive texture. Arabian Horse is completely customizable and can be produced in different versions and metallic finishes according to different needs: classic chandelier, suspension, lighting cascade, or simple applique. The lighting system in the body or in the ceiling rose has a double switch technology with LED.

Design by Silvia Broggian

Customizations for this collection:

– Color of the Swarovski crystal: see the color palette
– Metal finish: see the color palette

Collection catalog “Arabian Horse”
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