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The splendor of the classic lines

A masterpiece of style and refinement

The sumptuous majesty of a Masterpiece creation, with its refined meticulousness for details, revives in the collection Beby Rose as an emblem of an immortal style that merges the purity and harmony of forms, lines and materials of incommensurable value. A rain of light enriched by the absolute transparency and luminosity of the Murano glass, by the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS pendants, and by thin crystal chains that, together with the finely worked glass cups and roses, entirely handmade by master artisans, adorn the imposing structure just like jewels from another time. Elements that preserve untouched the regal prestige of classical antiquity, and yet, render the creation modern and up to date thanks to the refined chromatic nuances, and to the elegant lampshades in precious fabrics, with metallic effects and floral print silks, which are handmade tailored and perfected with elegant ribbons at the base to transmit a pronounced glamour touch.

Design by Silvia Broggian

Customizations for this collection:

– Color of the Swarovski crystal: see the color palette
– Color of the Beby Pendant: see the color palette
– Traditional Transparent Pendant: see the card
– Metal finish: see the color palette


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