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Feminine elegance and vibrant transparencies

The charm and elegance of women

Murano glass, organzas and Swarovski Elements crystals adorn with brightness the sinuous lines and the sophisticated forms of this model, inspired by the female elegance, recreating her silhouette, charm and gentleness of refined and romantic features. The central led floods the ambience with a covert and changing atmosphere, rich in contrasting shades and chromatic games, combining lightening technology with the classical character of the model, redesigned passionately according to a modern and innovative style and available in six unique and exlusive colours. Refinement in details and handcrafts of the finishings determine the value of a beauty which is brought about by the particulars, as well as the prestige of timeless luxury.

Design by Silvia Broggian

Customizations for this collection:

– Color of the Swarovski crystal: see the color palette
– Color of the Murano glass: see the color palette
– Metal finish: see the color palette

Collection catalog “La Femme”
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