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A metropolitan concept of a golden “perlage” in Murano glass

Columns of light and perlage embellished with gold

An expression of contemporaneity and modularity for the innovative NEW YORK- NEW YORK collection designed by Silvia Broggian, to charm the surrounding space, with columns of light from the magical golden Perlage. The advanced LED light passes through the Murano glass cylinders, perfected with gold leaf, from which the bright and calming light beams flourish. Visionary volumes, which exalt the environment in an elegant and refined way, blessed by the strong Decò spirit of these creations. Hundreds of cylinders in prestigious Murano glass, meticulously created, composing suspensions, waterfalls and applique.

Design by Silvia Broggian

Customizations for this collection:

– Metal finish: see the color palette

Collection catalog “New York New York”
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