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Romatic nuances and curved lines in Murano glass

The traditional style of Murano glass reinterpreted

Peonia is multifaceted as it interprets, combines and reinvents the traditional Murano glass using the Balloton method, a hot-rolled wire on the glass, which gives the unmistakable mesh effect. Particular love for this material is the fil rouge that goes through the different stylistic sensibilities that characterize the collection and the pastel shades, the technical G9 lights, highlight its eclectic and modern soul. The wide range of suspensions makes up a garden of possibilities from the Peonia collection, able to satisfy the needs of young and dynamic people, but at the same time refined and elegant.

Design by Silvia Broggian

Customizations for this collection:

– Color of the Murano glass: see the color palette
– Metal finish: see the color palette

Collection catalog “Peonia”
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