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Absolute aesthetic harmony, simplicity and prestige

Minimal style that enhances elegance

From the careful research of Beby Italy born Pure, a chandelier of an absolute aesthetic harmony. It’s an “essential” version of the best seller collection Garden Party. A minimal style composed by an elegant structure that gives prestige to the environments. Point of strength is the superb frame that expands as a circle in space, made of mirrored Murano glass. The purity of a diamond enhanced by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in Lilac Pendeloque form. A versatile design, available in various combinations, matching the colours of shades to the sparkling drops. New lampshades of fine workmanship are distinctive details of a perfect design, sophisticated, essential emphasized by the original shape of the hanging elements, suspended in the air like drops.

Design by Silvia Broggian

Customizations for this collection:

– Color of the Swarovski crystal: see the color palette
– Color of the Beby Pendant: see the color palette
– Color of the Murano glass: see the color palette
– Metal finish: see the color palette


Collection catalog “Pure”
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