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The majesty of light that combines experience, tradition and craftsmanship

Majesty and artisanal composition

As a symbol and emblem of the majesty of light that reigns supreme, thanks to the magnificence of shapes and unbelievable minuteness of details, Queen of Roses collection embodies the experience and heritage of a centenary tradition of craftsmanship and mastery. The metal structure, coated in Murano glass and available in different colorations and finishings and in the exclusive 24-carat gold plated finishing, the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS inlaid on the central cup, the myriad of pendants and ornamental crystal chains: all this represents the magnificence that gives shapes to the incommensurable uniqueness of a work of art. A jubilation of light, both functional and scenic, that spreads and immerses the environment in iridescence, and stirring hues, generated by the colorations with their floral motifs, and by the prestigious central rose, truly a sculpture of great artistic value, entirely handmade, representing the heart, and soul of every creation.

Design by Silvia Broggian

Customizations for this collection:

– Color of the Swarovski crystal: see the color palette
– Color of the Beby Pendant: see the color palette
– Color of the Murano glass: see the color palette
– Metal finish: see the color palette

Collection catalog “Queen of Roses”
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