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Artisanal tradition, projected into the future,
with solid roots into the Venetian tradition.

A unique territory, a World Heritage site.

A land full of artistic treasures, refined design, with a history that has its roots over the centuries. A land full of personality and culture.

Glass, metal and wood: the skill of the artisans

From the heat of the workshops of Murano, the island of fires, was born a perfect synthesis of techniques, materials and creativity, where craftsmanship was handed down from generation to generation, by the artisans of glass.

Care for details, mastery of the workmanship, and customization of each piece. Only the love of an artisan for any material, combined with the technology and the constant research for excellence, is able to create unique pieces of a great value.

"La Fenice" in Venice, our masterpiece

Founded in 1792, the Theatre "La Fenice" in Venice was home over the centuries by many first musical: Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi.

Destroyed in 1996 by a devastating fire, it was rebuilt and newly re-opened in 2003.

Beby Italy participated in the reconstruction, reproducing in six months only, the 1,026 pieces, including chandeliers, lampshades, crystals and ceramics that were the lighting of the ancient theatre. A work made possible only by the skill and dedication of the Venetian artisans, the only ones in the world able to reconstruct and reproduce by hand the ancient friezes.

Made in Italy and quality

The Beby Italy creations adorn the historic buildings and the most beautiful houses of the world, from Italy to Asia, from Russia to the Middle East.

Each model boasts hundreds of years of craftsmanship and Italian experience in creating art objects of inestimable value.

An Italian Renaissance workshop of the new millennium

A group that combines to the artistic value of each creations also technology and research, safeguarding the value of small local reality and providing them with new and important perspectives.

"... I consider each model not only as a simple 'piece', but also as a real 'creation'. The growth of a chandelier coming out from a sketch, seeing it taking shape from the mergers of metals, from glass processes, and admire it shining thanks to the choice of materials and decorative elements, has always taught me to see the passion, the commitment and perseverance of those who built it".
- Massimo Soffiato