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Published:   Category: Trade Shows

Salone del Mobile 2015, Milan

The elegance and charm of times gone by

In the 2015 edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the brand BEBY ITALY enchants customers and guests with the elegance and charm, evoked by the '30s, and expressed in details and forms of the new creations introduced for the occasion. The structure of the stand as well has been designed and built to create a unique atmosphere and style of a bygone era. A revelation that was confirmed by the positive response of the public, as a reward for all the effort that the brand has maintained over the years, proving, once again, to live up to all expectations. Objective achieved mainly thanks to the great skill of knowing how to always renew of the designer Silvia Broggian whereby BEBY ITALY embraces the design and production of tailored pieces, able to furnish the most prestigious mansions around the world.


BEBY ITALY thanks the numerous visitors and guests for sharing yet another success both at Il Salone del Mobile that at mono-brand showroom in 37th, Tortona St., Milan.

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