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Published:   Category: Light


Master Bedroom in a Capri Mood

To have unique emotions, in an overview, it takes sophisticated and prestigious details.

The creations Beby Italy, have the ability to gather countless details, have a meticulous and refined care of perfection of the single piece and not only of all of them.
From this mastery, are born unique environments made to measure, just because, each project is designed for that unique person.
The Master Bedroom in shades of turquoise, white and ecru, located in pearly skin armchairs, in the enveloping “capitonné” of the headboard and in the clarity of Murano glass in the bedside lamps, in the drawer knobs or in the sumptuous chandeliers, is the expression of excellence.
The designs of the marbles are combined with the carpet decorations, fabrics of the curtains and textures blend in the tones of the chairs.
The creativity of the designer Silvia Broggian is expressed in every object, in a dance of colours and shapes.

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