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Published:   Category: Light


Privé Collection

When design is giving life to new shapes and sinuosity, and it is able to give emotions creating unforgettable effects of atmospheres of pure and refined beauty. The Interior Design becomes culture of living.

The Privé collection reflects the heritage of timeless style and cleverly sum it in any detail with modern elements and with unexpected glamour tips. Metal, Murano Glass, Swarovski®Elements, fine fabrics, from pearly leather to velvet, stylistic influences that make each object complete and sparkling. In the Light we have the HidIN technology, double switch and decorative LED that create evocative atmospheres. In the Living, every detail it is designed expressing the maximum of rigor and precision, elegantly and carefully researched by the Designer Silvia Broggian. Strong emotions are the result of these tailored Interior Design places, coming from their admiring and living.

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