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Published:   Category: Light


Dining Room

Countless precious details make this Lifestyle regal and friendly in the same time. Sinuous shapes, golden toned games, concentric and soft geometry, a sense of total well-being of the Light&Living.

More than any other Lifestyle, this Dining Room is the sum of a research of the highest standard. Pearled leather, chromed metal, mirrored glass, gold lacquer, customized details identifying the Monogram attract the attention of those who love the "beauty" and a refined and distinctive design. To complete the atmosphere of the Dining Room is the collection of objects for the table, such as Murano glass dishes and glasses made of golden dust, customized vases made with craftsmanship and complex in their simplicity. Nothing is left to chance, but treated thoughtfully from the eclectic creative mind of Designer Silvia Broggian.

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