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Published:   Category: Light

Romeo & Juliet

From the oldest Venetian art comes this pair of chandeliers in “Rezzonico” style.

Like two lovers tightened in an unbreakable bond, Romeo & Juliet, growing with their structures defying gravity. Architectural games and endless details in blown glass, individually, one by one, give life to these lavish Masterpieces.

The great freedom of composition and the wide range of colours allow Beby Italy to meet every dimensional and structural requirements, creating unique and custom pieces that satisfy the needs of our loyal customers.

Craftsmanship works composed by thousands of hand-blown details by expert glassmakers producing vibrant colours, decorative gardens and spiral geometries obvious signs of centuries-old art.

With these creations Beby Italy expertly marries the stylistic canons of the past with the modern demands of bespoke designs.

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