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Published:   Category: Light


From the careful research of Beby Italy born “Pure “, a chandelier of absolute aesthetic harmony and  the “Essential” version of the Garden Party collection.

The maison Beby Italy leads you to new bright  experiences, thanks to the unusual and enchanting nuances of Murano glass as  “Pink Powder” and “Butter” and thanks to the dynamic and never expected matching between glass and lampshades.

The refined and essential design is highlighted from the particular conical shape of new lampshades worked ribbon. The contrasting color touch between the lampshades, it is the essence of the creative talent of our designer Silvia Broggian that results as main focus point of the “Pure” collection.

The power of color, conceived and lived out of schemes, lets you to complete uniquely and exclusively, all contemporary living spaces through real and true pieces of art.

Pure : Pureness of colours

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