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Published:   Category: Light

As you like it

We are an atelier creating customized products that will dress your homes in a unique and totally exclusive way.

Objects that come from years of experience and dedication, with which we can meet any customization requirements. All elements will embody the values ​​of craftsmanship and Made in Italy, in the prestigious machining and finishing coordinates.

Our design department will follow you step by step in your choices, with the support of 3D processing, render, mood boards, following you and assuring your custom made object end final result.

It will be a real fun for you to choose the finish of your product up to date between the samples of metals, crystals, glasses, leathers and fabrics. Why not consider a fabric with a custom made embroidery or adding initials of your family on it?

All precious details that make the history of these objects, a story that will speak about you.

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