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Published:   Category: Light


Triumph of colors and emotions has marked the presence of Beby Italy at EUROLUCE 2017.

An ambient rich in details and suggestions, where Light & Living created by our Designer Silvia Broggian, is expressed in vibrant colors of lime and fuchsia, passing through the delicate light blue and powder pink tones, finally plunging into the deep dark blues.

Oriental Fusion in the bedroom Peonia, the metropolitan taste for New York-New York living room and floral inspiration for the sumptuous Beby Resort and the Exotic Orchid and La Fleur Sauvage.

Contemporary design for Love collection, the Arabian Horse and Lir suspension, finally into Déco for the elegant Secret and Boheme collections.

New concepts and mood research blended with sophisticated design to emphasize prestigious and exclusive style choices.

Thank you all for contributing with your presence and making this event special!

Please contact us at: info@bebyitaly.com

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