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Published:   Category: Light

Beby Resort

An idea, a vision and an intriguing challenge with ourselves.

This is a "Masterpiece" for the Maison Beby Italy. The brainchild of our artistic designer Silvia Broggian and blossomed in the heart of Beby Italy’s workshop.

The Beby Resort collection is a marvelous fusion of excellence, meticulous hand-forged metal petals, which are arranged one by one, the chrome and gold chains that flow to alternate the Swarovski® Crystal Elements in combination of the Murano glass drops and end with the buds which enclose the Vintage light bulbs. The age-old art of knowing how to measure each element in a masterful way.

A Masterpiece designed to embellish prestigious environments such as a living room or dining room and even a staircase, in merit to its modularity, it suits every possible dimensional request.

For this ambitious project, our design team’s office studied a collection of colors like an artist’s color palette which will allow you to create your own "Beby Resort" by blending it perfectly with your surrounding environment.

Our designer Silvia, who also researches and styles the Living furniture collection, has developed an ergonomic design with a deep rich color armchair and azurlitic glass table top laying on steel plates. Contemporary and sophisticated style, for distinctive choices.

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