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Published:   Category: Light

Beby Italy and Studio Linea:

A collaboration built on mutual trust and great passion for their work.

In the latest edition of the Saloni del Mobile in Milan 2017, Beby Italy exhibited the Archeo Light Design by Studio Linea.
Studio Linea creations are the result of complex research.

The Archeo Light Design collection include floor lamps, appliqués and table lamps, printed metacrilate with an inkjet. Works of art, bright and numbered: the images are a creation of Antonio Mazzetti, customizable at customer's request.

Neo-classical compositions contoured by red and blue lines accentuating them in an open space, projecting them in a modern dimension thanks to the three-dimensionality of the methacrylate.

Geometric explosions that accompany the eye of the onlooker to an indefinite point by the red and blue pantones.
Contained in minimal packaging and easy to assemble.

Graphic art that illuminates your home.

Distributed exclusively by Beby Italy Light & Living Venice.

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