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Published:   Category: Light

La Fleur Sauvage Collection

The new collection in Murano glass signed by Beby Italy represents a journey through centuries of Venetian glassmaking art.

A lighting line that fuses the dictates of the "Rezzonico" style creations with the unmistakable etiquette of our interior designer Silvia Broggian.

Blue Sapphire for this masterpiece, which captures the attention with it’s charming multicolored flowers, suspended gardens and the important ampoules.

In its most modern style, the other elements of the collection, smaller in size, feature a captivating design that blends in contemporary environments such as the asymmetrical suspension in the hypnotic Blue Greece color and the ceiling chandelier in a soothing Violet.

Graceful shapes make these pieces of art customizable in various finishes, thanks to the full range of colors and sizes, as the craftwork is made by masters on the island of Murano.

This story speaks of a deep rooted love and a great desire to wildly go where others do not.

This story is about us: Beby Italy.

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