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Published:   Category: Light


The manifestation of Vigor, Joy and Vitality finds it's expression in our brand new collection Orchid, named after the flower that people have been falling in love with for centuries.

No flower is alike, each petal of the suspension chandelier and of the wall lamps is unique by nature, being skillfully handcrafted by the glassmakers on Murano island according to the ancient tradition, giving birth to exclusive pieces of Art.

The unique and multifaceted forms of the Orchid are echoed in a semicircle sofa, in a geometric cabinet table and in the three table set. The bright colors, bold patterns and the original shapes fuse together in an endless motion, in a sort of an audacious Harmony that inevitably evokes the magic flower, so much as you can “smell” the enchanting scent of an Orchid.

Our new Orchid collection is inspired by those who are brave enough to express their volcanic, vigorous and still delicate like a flower personality through intense colors and free-spirited shapes brought to life by our Designer Silvia Broggian.

A tribute to everyone who desires to Celebrate Life...like a flower.

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