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Published:   Category: Light

Bohème. Ultimate Déco style

A game of linear and elegant curves underline the slender stems, carefully forged to accommodate styled Murano glass spherical shapes. Small colored worlds that express the essence of design in their simplicity.

Our Bohème is the rebellious expression of an unpublished and visionary Decò, the fruit of the fervent creativity of the designer Silvia Broggian, where materials and geometries blend skillfully, playing with gravity.

An unexpected collection also in its composition: circular, vertical and rectangular suspensions. Applique and table lamps that come together and differ from the collection.

La Bohème blends in perfectly with the Living collections of the Beby Italy for a design ambient, where luxury is revealed through a careful selection of prestigious essences such as Makassar ebony, Rosewood and Maple. The padded items are embellished with silk, velvets and personalized embroidery. Each element stands out thanks to the unique and eclectic styled details.

The ability to accurately measure all the ingredients in order to create absolute elegance, is our mission.

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