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Published:   Category: Light

Gloss Collection

A piece of contemporary art

From the multifaceted mind of designer Silvia Broggian, GLOSS was born, a young and captivating collection, which revolves around the new concept of lampshade / diffuser in Murano glass with a spherical shape and the skillfully worked arms in torchon.

Extremely contemporary design that draws circular volumes, combined with an obviously glamorous palette of colors, in shades: sky blue, lavender, rose vintage, coral, light green and bronze.

It is a collection that spans dimensionally, satisfying the most varied needs thanks to the strong modularity of its components, that gives infinite possibilities of use.

For Beby Italy’s creative director, GLOSS is a pure artistic expression of Murano glassmakers, moving away from the classicism that distinguishes it and getting into an incredibly futuristic universe where technical light becomes art.

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