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Published:   Category: Light

Trend 2019

Beby Italy innovations for 2019

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SPIGA Collection: an artistic research for detail

The finest Maria Theresa is
Beby Italy

Via Della Spiga asserts the highest expression of the Made in Italy in decorations, where exclusivity and luxury are keywords.

This collection has a strong scenic impact by the visually distinctive forged leaves; one by one, they delicately adorn the cups of the lighting bodies and encircle the light bulbs.

Collection Montenapoleone: Absolutely crystal

Hundreds of components perfectly fitted between the arms, in a thick and well-balanced arrangement. Decorative, with a two switch LED lighting system to go through the purity of the crystal. The dimensional choice is ample and can fully satisfy every need.

Montenapoleone is an expression of absolute excellence.

Cascades of light

Imagine surrounding yourself in soothing golden drops that cascade from the ceiling and beautifies the area, creating special atmospheres and experiences. A flowing lush of pendants available in shapes, materials and colors from an ample selection.

The compositions can be horizontal or vertical but above all customized to fit-in the styled space, thus conforming to the surrounding environment and enriching it.

Our authenticity is your guarantee

Our pride and joy to detail is what makes the difference: our logo encloses our principle and is present to symbolize every single detail.

The logo becomes an arrangement, a decorative and perpetual image to clarify the details used in our products. A modern concept that pinpoints a very special purpose.

Embedded at the center of each chandelier, we find the printed Beby Italy logo, a guarantee of expertise, glamor and refinement.

The brand, in this way, can be identified not only by style or by quality but also through this distinguished detail, certifying the authenticity of our product.

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