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Published:   Category: Light

Spiga Collection:
Exclusivity and Luxury

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The sublime and glamour in one Chandelier

The name "Spiga" is taken from the famous street in Milan: one of the four high-fashion districts as well as one the most luxurious areas of the city and a worldwide shopping center. All these features perfectly merge into the source of inspiration of the collection.

This ‘piece of art’, as we Want to call it, is entirely handcrafted and made in Italy. Each 100% crystal batten is fixed one by one on the Chandelier with the same precision that we find in the assembly of the mechanisms of a clock.

The tendency to beauty and the search for perfection.

Beby Italy forged leaves

The eye is captured by the new exclusive metal petals, which are singularly hand-forged, enclosing in their bud a heart of light. Each leaf is available in multiple colors, according to our continuous chromatic research, starting from the delicate tones to the strong ones: red velvet, red clay, peony pink, cyclamen pink, plum purple, lavender, violet, greenery, jungle green, island paradise blue, lapis blue, blue orchid.

Beby crystals: Ton sur ton

These shining parts are very peculiar since even the ‘BEBY CRYSTAL’ can be customized, introducing in this way, 8 new and exclusive nuances which are the result of a long creative and emotional research to illuminate the space through a multitude of chromatic refractions: Lemon Grass, Aspen Green, Silvy Gold, Cognac, Siberian Blue, Pacific Blue, Provence e Rose Powder.

Our authenticity is your guarantee

The search for detail is king in this collection and it is especially noticeable by our "Beby Italy" logo present in the small cups supporting the leaves and in the form of pendants, which are laser-worked. A mark, a Recall of prestige which immediately evokes the origin, the refinement, the style and luxury, i.e. the guarantee of our authenticity and reliability.

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