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A unique project of its kind and an exceptional result

Restoration of the La Fenice theater in Venice

Beby Italy exclusively oversaw the restoration and complete reconstruction of ALL the lightings of the famous La Fenice theater in Venice, which was completely destroyed by a fire on January 29th, 1996, and reopened to the public again on December 14th, 2003. A prestigious and extremely demanding project, under the direct supervision of the City of Venice together with the famous Venetian ‘Fine Arts Academy’. The company was appointed to completely reproduce more than 250 pieces, which really used to set for some kind of ‘historical icons’ including three-five light appliques and chandeliers in the Empire style. They were made of cast bronze with more than 50000 cut-glass pendants for the Central Cavea, the Main Stage and the Royal Stage. The main protagonist of the Theatrical Cavea is the majestic 136-light chandelier, entirely rebuilt under the strict supervision of UNESCO. They monitored every phase of the process, from the creation of the molds for the bronze casting of the frame and the friezes, to the reation of the cut crystals, up to the reproduction of the 3 bronze statues placed in the center of the structure. Naturally, this work was completely handmade by our experienced artisans. This symbolizes once again Beby Italy’s attention to details, to the technical and stylistic research of the models, and to the technological innovation that allowed the addition of particular dichroic lights designed to illuminate the statues and friezes placed in the center of the chandelier, creating new and fascinating plays of light. By rediscovering and refining old disused methods, craft techniques and processes, the company was able to reproduce in this way all the models based on the Original of nineteenth century without making any aesthetic modification, adapting them at the same time to the new safety regulations in force.

Info about the project “La Fenice Theater – Venezia”
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