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How born a BEBY ITALY project

Discover how we can make your home unique

Each project is based on a careful study of the location where it will be realized, with a particular attention to the harmony of shapes of spaces that will compose it.

The design, between art and technique

From the study of location born the first preparatory drawings, made by our best artists and designers. The great experience and background in the field of high fashion Italian tradition allow us to "see" already on paper the finished project, in its context.

As Designer and Art Director of Beby Italy, Silvia Broggian introduced new creative impulses and stylistic inspirations that made possible the evolution of the brand to the modern interpretation of the classic chandelier and transposition of a refined and exclusive style even in the Living sector.

Design and research of materials

The search for the best and most suitable materials is a critical step in the realization of a project. Together with our consultants, we choose the brightest glasses, the finest fabrics and the most suitable decoration to highlight the quality of our creations.

Realization: tradition and technology

Over 50 years of experience and art in the creation of chandeliers blend with the use of modern technology, to create a unique and authentic product, personalized in every detail from the hands of our expert glassmakers.

The final result is surprising: a harmony of forms that conveys strong emotions from every angle.

We bring the Made in Italy in all houses of the world

We produce, deliver and install directly our creations, to ensure the seamless integration of our works within the surrounding environment.

If you choose a work Beby Italy, you choose the quality and tradition of Made in Italy, to make unique your own living.